Moldex3D Integrates the physical world and
digital world with the Machine
Characterization Service

Identify injection speed and pressrue response of the machine to achieve
actual machine response in your simulation.

With Machine
Characterization You Can

  • Consider the actual response behavior of the injection machine during the simulation
  • Enhance the molding simulation accuracy.
  • Understand the specific characteristics of your machines.

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How to Start Moldex3D
Machine Characterization Service

STEP. 01

Contact Moldex3D EMEA and download Moldex3D APP

STEP. 02

Follow the instruction, collect the data, and send them to Moldex3D EMEA

STEP. 03

Receive the characterization file from Moldex3D EMEA and discover the possibilities of connecting the reality to the digital world.

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Machine Characterization