Moldex3D Europe Support Portal Publishes-Go Beyond Traditional Help Center

Hsinchu, Taiwan — March, 3, 2021—

Moldex3D Europe is pleased to announce the launch of Moldex3D Europe Support Portal:

With a strong aim to foster a fluent workflow and prompt support, Moldex3D Europe Team decided to kick off the Support Portal plan from the middle of 2020. After months of efforts, the Support Portal is comprehensive, complete, and available for all to access.

Moldex3D Europe Support Portal is a platform integrating numerous case studies, various technical guidelines, and references from industry and academic world. Instead of a traditional help center with complicated catalogues and intricate network, Support Portal provides a simple interface and a clear structure. Support Portal includes a brief startup brochure for each product, and allows users a quick start on Moldex3D. Moreover the Support Portal allows users to reach useful information, such as upcoming events and news announced for the Europe region. Also, users can find suitable regional sales programs and contact dedicated regional managers through Support Portal.

Today, Moldex3D plays a pioneering role in plastics simulation around the world, and strives to help industries realize smart molding. Moldex3D Europe Team devotes to making users enjoy high-quality products and support. In the future, the team will provide multi-language service on Support Portal, and will keep Support Portal updated. “The completion of Moldex3D Europe Support Portal is a step forward to an improved system with rich information and resources. This is an unstoppable force of knowledge and way to the target, and it is what we should do. I am really glad to witness such a moment.” said Dannick Teng, the Managing Director of Moldex3D Europe Team.